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Sport and sea, a binomial now indissoluble for some categories, we propose everything for beach tennis, skateboards and inflatable or rigid sup boards. Quality all made in Italy at the service of all seasons. You'll find the best prices online and maximum assistance even when ordering. Ask for a discount dedicated you will be satisfied.

Skate accessories
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Skate accessories
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Skate accessories
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Skateboard accessories
Skate accessories
If you have a skate you can't help but browse our online catalog. Risers, bolts, bushing, multipurpose, bearing, wheels truck....are just some of the accessories you will be able to view and buy. Excellent quality, made in Italy, excluisive design of all items. You will feel like you are surfing the streets, parks, as if you were in the water. Happy skateboarding!

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Skate accessories
Skate accessories
 skate accessories

Skate accessories
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Skate accessories
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Skate accessories
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Skateboard accessories

Skate accessories

Skateboard accessories? Choose your favorite item online from our selection on and request your Custom Offer at the Best Price Guaranteed. Click on the best price button enter your email address and you'll receive a reply in a few moments with a super discounted Welcome Offer. Don't spend more, only at MPCSHOP you can find products at good and affordable prices. For any information please contact us via email at or via phone at 39 0247758004 or via chat by clicking on the \" support online\" button you will always get a reply.

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Skate accessories
Skate accessories


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