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Low-noise fanboxes
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Low-noise fanboxes
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Low-noise fanboxes
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Ventilation Box Compact
Low-noise fanboxes
Fanboxes, for indoor or outdoor use, made of galvanized steel sheet, insulated with fireproof thermo-acoustic material (M1), double suction centrifugal fan with forward impeller blades made of dynamically balanced galvanized steel sheet, mounted on vibration-damping supports, directly coupled motor.

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Low-noise fanboxes
Low-noise fanboxes
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Low-noise fanboxes
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Low-noise fanboxes
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Low-noise fanboxes
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Ventilation Box Compact

Low-noise fanboxes

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Low-noise fanboxes
Low-noise fanboxes


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Low-noise fanboxes   Low-noise fanboxes
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Low-noise fanboxes   Low-noise fanboxes