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Large selection of garden and pool showers with solar heating, traditional indoor and outdoor showers and the necessary accessories in our online shop Solar and indoor showers. First-class showers made in Italy from high quality materials that can be easily combined with any interior or exterior design. Italian design showers in a wide range of beautiful colours perfect for your home and for decorating the outside areas of hotels, swimming pools and wellness centres. Enjoy a warm shower in your garden, environmentally friendly and without consuming electricity with one of our solar showers! Discover all our offers for Outdoor Showers in online Promotion, Solar Showers and Traditional Showers Top Line, Mini solar showers for garden and camping in many versions and modern colours. On you will surely find the shower of your dreams!

The best solar heated showers in Aluminium online a best price even for indoor use

Showers for inside and outside, solar or traditional showers in beautiful colours and finishes, high quality showers Made in Italy of exceptional design, reliable and efficient showers for every need. Choose the shower you like best and buy online now. Do you need further information? You can write us by e-mail to or chat with us via our "Online Support". To obtain information on a specific item, click on the "Information" button below the product image and fill out the form. For everything else, please call us on +39 0247758004: you will always find an answer. 

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Showers Solar Heating OnLine
Showers Solar Heating OnLine


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The best Solar heated Showers

> The best solar heated outdoor showers
> complete shower kit and limescale filter
> garden showers complete with fixing system for lawn or sand

Dada aluminium showers for pool and garden

> outdoor showers in dada d 300 aluminium with solar heating
> aluminium outdoor swimming pool showers with foot washer
> outdoor showers dada d 330 aluminium solar heating with timer foot washer and mixer
> outdoor showers in aluminium dada d 340 with mobile shower and diverter
> outdoor showers in aluminium dada d 350 cone laviepedi and nebulizer

Aluminium solar showers Dada S

> garden showers dada s arkema d 400
> ecological shower for summer aluminium dada s foot washer d 420

Aluminium showers for pool and garden Spring

> Solar heated showers SPRING series
> solar heating showers with 120degree spring foot washers

Solar showers Happy XL

> happy beach sun shower h400
> happy xl ecoshower for summer with foot washer h420

Aluminium showers for Spring S Pool

> solar heated showers spring s A 200
> spring s aluminium swimming pool showers with 220degree foot washers

Top Line Special Showers

> Showers Top Line Funny Yin
> Showers Top Line Funny Yin with Feet Washer
> solar heated showers for outdoor top line
> top line aluminium outdoor and indoor showers

Jolly solar aluminium showers

> arkema solar showers jolly 500
> arkema solar showers with foot wash at 520
> arkema 530 solar showers with jolly timer mixer and foot washer
> arkema jolly solar showers with mixer and 560degree timer
> traditional aluminium showers jolly a505

Happy One solar showers

> Solar Showers Happy One Arkema F100
> Solar Shower with Arkema F120 Washing feet

olar Showers Jolly Plus in Aluminium

> solarheated showers in many wild colours plus
> advice for solar shower jolly plus foot washer
> latest news solar showers
> the best of jolly plus b 540 solar showers
> lowest price for solar shower
> top line jolly plus b520tl showers
>read all...

Big Happy Solar Outdoor Showers

> big happy arkema pool showers h 300
> arkema solar heated showers h320 with foot washer
> solar showers big happy five arkema f 600
> big hppy five f 620 arkema coloured sun showers with foot wash
> arkema big jolly 330 solar showers with foot washer timer and mixer

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Showers

> how to install a garden shower
> My shower has a leak
> The shower continues to leak even when the mixer is closed
> The foot wash tap of the shower is leaking
> Shower leaks from top or bottom
> The paint of my shower comes off
>read all...

Garden and Pool Showers Big Jolly

> arkema big jolly solar showers a300
> big jolly solar showers with foot wash 320 arkema

Solar showers Energy Pro

> Solar shower ENERGY PRO Arkema

Garden and Pool Showers Jolly S in Aluminium

> arkema solar showers jolly s a 600
> arkema solar showers jolly s with foot washer 620
> arkema solar showers jolly s with timer foot washer and mixer
> arkema solar showers jolly s with timer and 660degree mixer

Solar Showers Happy Five

> solar showers happy five arkema f 500
> solar heating showers with foot washers happy five f 520

Solar Showers Happy Beach

> happy beach garden showers f 530 with timer and foot washer
> happy beach solar heating showers with timer f 560

Happy Solar Showers

> happy resin beach shower h100
> garden showers with happy mixer h120

ideas for comfortable and effective furnishing

Mini solar shower easy to transport by car or camp

Do you want to take a sunbathing shower in your ga

solar colouring showers for swimming pools also su

Showers Solar Heating OnLine   Showers Solar Heating OnLine
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Showers Solar Heating OnLine   Showers Solar Heating OnLine