Ceiling fan without light kit Pepeo

Ceiling fan without light kit Pepeo

Pepeo GmbH is a leading German company in ventilation and cooling, the ceiling fans without light presented here offer maximum comfort both in summer and winter, in fact all these ceiling fans, have the function of reversing the rotation of the motor allows it to be used even in winter by redistributing the hot air down the room.By using your fan in combination with a possible air conditioner you can cut your cooling bills by up to 40%.in winter, turning the fan in the opposite direction reduces heating costs by up to 10%.they are fans with a rustic style that never goes out of fashion, the metal body of the agitators with blades can be in the color white, black, satin brass, antique brass, aged bronze, aged silver.The summer/winter fan blades have different colouring and finishing options, smooth, with or without stripes, with or without rattan inserts All are controlled by chains for switching on and adjusting the speed, and can be associated with a wall-mounted variable speed drive or remote control An example of a lightless ceiling fan from the Potkur series from Pepeo GmbhMain technical features of the large diameter fan blades, 132 cm, for 25 sq.m. ambinets.3-speed steel motor 80 - 130 - 180 with a power of 26 - 40 - 58 W depending on the selected speed All fan blades can be mounted without the shaft, for low altitude environmentsSummer winter function (blade rotation reversal)They are controlled by chain, as an option you can order both the wall control and the remote control


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All for summer winter ventilation   All for summer winter ventilation
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All for summer winter ventilation   All for summer winter ventilation