Counting of operating hours

Counting of operating hours

How to measure in hours the operation of a machine, electrical machines, elevators, boilers, etc.? With an hour counter, of course.I Hour counter properly connected to the heads of solenoid valves, internal resistances of electrical equipment and machines allows you to count the consumption and working hoursWe have different types of Hour counter, panel, back panel, DIN rail, both in direct and alternating currentThe hour counter are time measurement tools particularly suitable for determining:- Operating time of electric machines, elevators, boilers, electric stoves, etc.- Determine the time in machines that have a prolonged use- To be able to determine the maintenance from the start, for example of an oil change, in machines that need it- I put some CONTAURES proposed by CONTAOR Perry-1COCO110-2 110 V 2 DIN Power supply 110V AC 50Hz Reading accuracy 1/100h (36sec) Module 2 DIN Dimensions (WxDxH) 35 x 63 x 85 Hour counter from panel Perry-1CO2200 CONTAOR 220 Vac Power supply 220V AC 50Hz Recording capacity 99.999,99 Panel/rear panel installation Dimensions (WxDxH) 55 x 56 x 55

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CONTAOR 12-36 Vac Power supply 12-36V AC Recording capacity 99,999.99 Panel/backplane installation Dimensions (WxDxH) 55 x 56 x 55

• hour counter 12-36v approx
• hour counter
• hour counter perry
• hours counter
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Articles for the control of electrical a   Articles for the control of electrical a
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Articles for the control of electrical a   Articles for the control of electrical a