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 food waste shredder for sink
 food waste shredder
 food waste shredder for sink
 waste shredder ecosplit
 food shredder
 food waste disposer

Erion Management of waste associated with electrical products


Garbage Disposal for Sink ECOSPLIT

Food waste disposer for the sink ECOSPLIT is a food waste disposer, a true friend in the kitchen......

Invented in the "distant" 1927 by an American architect John W. Hammes, the food waste disposer or food waste disposer is a household appliance designed to dispose of food waste.

The shredding system means that it is no longer necessary to collect organic waste in the classic separate waste collection containers, as it allows disposal directly in the sink by pressing the button that starts the shredding mechanism.

Why a sink garbage disposal?

The food disposer is able to shred food waste into very small parts that will go away together with the tap water, so less dirt and mess

It is intuitive that getting rid of food waste immediately is much more hygienic than keeping it in a bag or in a dustbin, this avoids the occurrence of bad smells and attracting insects

It is placed under the sink with great ease of installation in both new and existing kitchens

The waste disposal unit is installed directly under the sink, in correspondence with the drain; the only thing to bear in mind is not to shred fibrous waste such as artichokes, celery and cardoons. To use it, open the water tap, then connect the plug and start putting the food waste to be eliminated into the sink. Use only cold water

Thanks to this sink shredder you will be able to speed up the cleaning of a table after eating and the accumulation of garbage in the house.

tritarifiuti alimentari da lavello ecosplit tritatutto

Specific features of the shredder, 3/4 Hp motor, 500W, 220V 50Hz power supply, 3.25 Amperes, 2600 RPM for a weight of 4.10 Kg.

Accessories included, extended cap, drain connection and anti-splash filter



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