Infrared Heating Lamp Oasi

Infrared Heating Lamp Oasi

Infrared Heating Lamp at the best price Oasis on offer on for a perfect temperature for your outdoor and indoor spaces with the infrared lamp at the first price model OASI RadialightOASI is the smartest solution to heat your outdoor and indoor spaces with a high energy efficiency heat at low luminescence.Ideal for more efficient radiant heating, infrared rays are absorbed directly by people and objects, avoiding any type of dispersion that traditional heaters have, and heating the air that always heads to the coldest parts of the rooms. unlike traditional halogen heating, Radialight`s OASI infrared lamps use LOW GLARE IR-B low luminescence technology, radiating heat to both your indoor and outdoor spaces, or to your commercial activities. With the remote control OASI Remote you can control up to 6 infrared heating lamps and is also perfect for large areas, can control a lamp at a maximum distance of 20 meters allowing the setting of the temperature of two levels of power 1000 or 2000WI advantages of an infrared heater OASI series - does not interfere with any existing lighting - is not annoying - is highly tolerable, Just think of the medical uses for which infrared rays are used - respect your skin - ecological and silent - protect the health without changing the humidity of the environment - heat only where it is needed, people "affected" by infrared rays should not wait for the heating of the whole environment The infrared lamp OASI can be installed on the wall with wall bracket included, both internally and externally, or on the practical floor lamp that allows easy movement.It is possible to buy an infrared heating lamp in the two present colours, white or black Easy to install and with many installation options: You need a particular quotation, you are an installer, you have a commercial activity? Click on the image below to see how to get the discounted infrared lamp


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Electric fireplaces Heaters Fans and Air   Electric fireplaces Heaters Fans and Air