Infrared Heating Sharklite Infrared Radiator

Infrared Heating Sharklite Infrared Radiator

Infrared heating Infrared heater Various types of infrared heating lamps at the best price on, infrared shielded lampWall infrared heating lamps for outdoor use range from 1200 to 1800 watts of power, with a clean and streamlined design, together with the price/quality ratio, these features make them extremely attractive in the middle of the market, where harmful heaters are rampant, with halogen or quartz lamps emitting short waves.The models proposed, in addition to being installed on the wall can also be placed on the ceiling, through the appropriate mounting brackets supplied. the electric infrared heaters of the series from 1200 to 1800 watts, all easily installed because they come with everything you need. the top items of the heating lamps are also equipped with remote control, easy to use and immediately heat the environmentYou need a special price for the electric infrared heaters? Are you an installer? Click on the image below and you will have the opportunity to receive the first price for infrared lamps

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Infrared lamp holder white

MOEL-4463B Infrared lamp holder white Available 19 Pz

White infrared lamp holder Moel 4463B Pole holder for infrared lamps Height 2100 mm For the series of heating lamps FIORE, PETALO, SHARKLITE there is no need for anything else for installation

• pole mount infrared lamp
• pole mount
• pole mount for infrared
• pole mount for infrared lamps
• pole mount moel 4463b at best price
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SHARKLITE 1200W Infrared Radiator

MOEL-712N SHARKLITE 1200W Infrared Radiator Available 19 Pz

Infrared radiator Mo-El SHARKLITE 1200W 2BV plug SCHUKO color BLACK MOEL-712N Infrared lamp power 1200W IP55 Suitable for surfaces 4-6 sqm Included wall bracket Dimensions 792x150x100 mm Weight 1.4 kg Made in Italy

• infrared heater
• infrared lamp
• electric infrared heating
• infrared heating
• infrared heater moel 712n at best price

Vat included

Sharklite 1800W Infrared Radiator

MOEL-718N Sharklite 1800W Infrared Radiator Available 19 Pz

Infrared radiator Mo-El Sharklite 1800W plug SHUKO BLACK MOEL-718N Infrared lamp power 1800W IP55 Suitable for surfaces 8-10 sqm Including wall bracket Dimensions 912x150x100 mm Weight 1.5 kg Made in Italy

• infrared heater
• infrared lamp
• infrared heating lamp
• infrared heating
• infrared lamp
• infrared lamp
Free Delivery in Italy

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