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Motion detectors and presence sensors are tools that increase the energy efficiency of the electrical systems in which they are installed. These devices, in fact, adapt the consumption of electricity to the real needs of lighting. The adjustable twilight threshold allows you to select when natural light is no longer sufficient for the user and therefore artificial light must be switched on. The switch-off delay regulation allows to limit the waste as much as possible, giving the possibility to set for how long the light must remain on in the absence of people in the detection angle.this means to switch on the light only when the sunlight is not sufficient and only for the time in which you are present in the environment.MOVEMENT detectors are devices that react to movements ambulatory. These movements are perceived in the detection range and cause the contact to close for the set time period and only if the brightness level falls below the set threshold.We offer 3 types of presence detector, flush-mounted, ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted, recessed motion detectorThe passive infrared motion detector (PIR) for flush-mounted installation indoors is a fully automatic light control device capable of controlling a lighting system During the night or in dark environments, the motion detector turns on the connected lighting system when it detects movement in its field of coverage. During the day or in environments sufficiently illuminated by natural light, the built-in twilight sensor allows you to save electricity by turning off the lights, in fact, acting on the twilight controller, you determine the level of brightness at which the lighting system should come into operation. An adjustable timer allows you to choose how long the light should remain on after activation Perry-1SPRM030B motion detector 1 module for white lens recessed civil seriesInstallation 1 civil module in recessed box type 503Sensing angle up to 110° at 20 °CSensing range approx. 8 m. at 20 °C Timing adjustment from approx. 5 seconds to approx. 12 minutes Brightness adjustment from approx. 5 to approx. 200 LUXCustomized with finishing front panels for perfect dimensional and chromatic integration of the most common civil seriesIP40 WHERE IT IS NOT POSSIBLEOM keeping a minimum distance of 1 m from the controlled source (e.g. lamp) Do not position the PIR sensor towards direct sunlight. Do not install the detector towards reflective surfaces or towards heating vents, air conditioners, radiators or other devices that can rapidly change the temperature causing an unwanted intervention of the detector. Do not place any obstacles between the detector and its volumetric coverage area (pots, houseplants, flowers, books, photo frames, electrical appliances, etc.). WALL MOVEMENT DETECTOR Infrared wall motion detector CUBERinfrared motion detector Perry-1SPSP003BMinimalist and sophisticated design, small size and top performance for a product suitable for any type of environmentSensing angle 140°. Sensitivity adjustable from 0.4 to 10 m. Possibility of manual exclusion to keep the light on 4 hours by disabling the action of the sensor.Angle of rotation of the detection head horizontal 180°, vertical 12°PRINCIPAL CHARACTERISTICS


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Articles for the control of electrical a   Articles for the control of electrical a
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Articles for the control of electrical a   Articles for the control of electrical a