Outdoor Heaters Petalo Moel

Outdoor Heaters Petalo Moel

The infrared lamps of the Petalo line are the ideal solution for those who have an open space, both private and commercial, which needs to be heated in order to better accommodate their guests. The infrared heaters of the Moel Petalo line are characterised by their IP55 degree of protection, making them perfect for the environments most exposed to the elements. Of different powers and sizes, the infrared lamps made in Italy of the petal series have a fine and elegant design that blends perfectly into the environment in which they are placed and thanks to the absence of glass there is also a significant advantage in terms of energy efficiency. The glass on the heaters, in fact, tends to absorb part of the power emitted by the lamp, compromising its effectiveness. With our Moel infrared heaters, however, all the heat will hit people and surrounding objects without going to disperse into the environment.The characteristic aspects of the design of the petal infrared lamps are: - the ruby lamp that manages to eliminate any annoying reverberation - the ignition started by a button on the front level - the front grille chrome style minimal - the high reflective capacity parabola made of seagull wing by the Spanish designer Pino As already mentioned, the infrared lamp screen is supplied in different powers and depending on the number of watts the heat is felt at different distances from the position of the lamp Here are some areas of use:

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Infrared lamp IP55 MOEL PETALO 1800W Without cable and switch color Black MOEL-728WP Infrared lamp power 1800W IP55 Suitable for surfaces 6-8 sqm Dimensions 830x38x120 mm Weight 1.3 kg Made in Italy Optional wall bracket

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