Rustic Old Pine Wood Sideboard

Courtistic belief in old pine wood

Courtistic belief in old pine wood made by the furniture manufacturer Guarnieri

Ancient times the word belief was not a piece of furniture but a way of doing, it prepared a low cabinet with a large surface where the various capacities were placed above.
A taster later tasted all the food to prove its goodness and safety.
This way of doing things was called "believing". Today it would be an obsolete rite, in fact, this happened around 1600 in Emilia Romagna, with the passage of time the whole ceremony and also the underlying furniture took the name of belief.

Who does not remember at home the old beliefs, especially in the kitchen, always full of fruit, vegetables, pasta and other foods,
and in the shelves below, pots, pans, cutlery and other utensils.
Today Mpcshop with the furniture Guarnieri can revive our memories, bringing to mind ancient sensations and emotions.

We offer all cabinets in old pine wood of excellent quality and timeless design, so that they can be perfectly matched to any furniture already existing in your home.
They can even become a "visual pole" that focuses attention in a corner or in the center of a room.
You won't have any difficulty in finding your cupboard at the best price, try browsing through our online catalogue.

Rustic sideboard

Rustic sideboard

Classical Rustic sideboard model ANICE
Composed of 3 doors and 6 internal shelves, generous its dimensions is in fact 170 cm long, 55 wide and 90 cm high
It looks like an ancient belief

Rustic belief

Rustic belief

The model CAMOMILLA is a belief in old pine for those who need to store a large amount of objects, 6 interior shelves with 4 doors
The dimensions are, in fact, a length of 220 cm, height 85 and depth 50 cm

Rustic belief

Old pine sideboard

Wooden sideboard model ERICA, small but capacious, with 2 doors and 3 shelves inside, for those who do not have large spaces, is just a small complement of furniture.
Ben is positioned with its dimensions, height 90 cm, length 110 and depth 51 cm, even in small rooms

Wooden sideboard

Old pine cabinet

With its many drawers with shell-shaped handles, it is ideal as a storage unit for a large number of objects.
Mobile in old pine
Credenza Guarnieri composed of 6 drawers and 2 doors with internal shelves, large size, length 230 cm, width 50 cm and width 90 cm

Belief Guarnieri

Antique sideboard

Elder pine sideboard with 2 doors, 4 glass boxes, 2 large drawers and 2 internal shelves.
The model ORIGANO is complete with everything, the classic old pine cabinet from grandmother.
Optimal dimensions, length 168 cm, height 88 and depth 50 cm

Old pine sideboard

Wooden sideboard

The model GINESTRA is a belief with old pine wheels from the furniture manufacturer Guarnieri.
Bolt lock, 4 drawers, 6 internal shelves, 6 wheels, make this old pine cabinet an absolute novelty.
You can place it in any room effortlessly!
Large its dimensions with a length of 160 cm, a height of 180 and a depth of 55 cm

Antiqued belief

Belief at the best price

The model GIRASOLE has the same possibility of being moved as the previous GINESTRA, with ke its 6 wheels supplied, the difference that its 2 doors are sliding. This facilitates the insertion in rooms with depth problems.
Composed of 6 internal shelves has a length of 140 cm, a height of 140 cm and a depth of 50 cm.

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Anise low sideboard with internal shelves

GN-ANICE Anise low sideboard with internal shelves Available 3 Pz

Low sideboard Old wood Gaskets Anice Buffet solid old pine wood with 3 doors and 6 shelves inside Measures WxD 170x55 cm Height 90 cm

• wooden sideboard
• old wood cabinet
• old wood line cabinet
• solid wood sideboard
• aniseed old wood garnishes
Free Delivery in Italy

Vat included

Credenza Camomilla Guarnieri

GN-CAMOMILLA Credenza Camomilla Guarnieri Available 1 Pz

Credenza camomilla Guarnieri credenza guarnieri in pino vecchio a 4 ante ognuna con 6 ripiani interni

• wooden sideboard
• old wood cabinet
• old wood line cabinet
• solid wood container cabinet
• old wood chamomile garnishes
Free Delivery in Italy

Vat included

GN-ERICA Available 2 Pz

• wooden sideboard
• old wood cabinet
• rustic wooden sideboard
• old wood sideboard
• old wood heather garnishes
Free Delivery in Italy

Vat included

Credenza Lavanda Guarnieri

GN-LAVANDA Credenza Lavanda Guarnieri Available 4 Pz

Credenza lavanda Guarnieri credenza in pino vecchio con 6 cassetti e 2 ante con 4 ripiani interni ognuna

• wooden sideboard
• old wood cabinet
• old wood line cabinet
• solid wood sideboard
• old wood lavender garnishes
Free Delivery in Italy

Vat included

GN-ORIGANO Available 8 Pz

• wooden sideboard
• old wood cabinet
• old wood line cabinet
• solid wood sideboard
• old wood oregano garnishes
Free Delivery in Italy

Vat included


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