The RoosterCat Genesis of a Chimera

Feo Rodensia was a misunderstood but brilliant alchemist, prolific on the theme of the humunculus and chimeration of animals. Lived in the mid-1600s, he was a shy little man, trying not to show his physical connotations. The son of two cousins of the high and esoteric bourgeoisie in Turin, the consanguinity had caused him a lot of malformations, which constantly hindered the search for lost texts and rare ingredients he needed for his passionate experiments.
When the pains were unbearable, he was forced to look for a pack animal. Standards required it to be robust and able to defend itself against aggressive wild beasts in the woods, but it immediately found itself in an acute painful crisis and had to scrape the barrel.
He picked up a cat from the garden of the villa and brought a hen to the front yard. He used all the funds in the warehouse to produce an innovative experiment that, with excellent results, brought to life a Gallifelide, a powerful chimera of cat and rooster, from which he inherited the aggressiveness of the rooster and the flexibility of the cat, except for the size, which at the withers exceeded the height of the alchemist.
The Rooster-Cat genesis of a Chimera

The Chimera proved its dough: strength, courage, agility and loyalty made it a perfect escort. So blindly affectionate, the chimera entered a statuesque stasis at the death of her master.
Today it is oxidized and mineralized, but its spirit is not completely dull and its sullen figure seems to want to transmit security to other authoritative masters.
..... this could be one of the many stories that went through the mind of the artist Omar Ronda, creator of the Gallo-Gatto and other fantastic creations he christened Kimere.
Countages born from his fervent imagination as a child who loved to melt various animals, drawing them on school notebooks, but with the passage of time they settled down, until the frequentation of the artistic-literary salons where people discussed about art, science and experimentation made him re-emerge the desire to give life to these hybrids using plastic, derived from oil, organic synthesis of all the experience of the planet.



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