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Erion Management of waste associated with electrical products


Toilet Waste Disposal Units Sanisplit

Sanisplit toilet shredder The only shredding box with removable mechanism

When building a new building it is relatively easy to plan the location of kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Some problems arise during renovation or extraordinary maintenance work, that is, when the layout of the original building units is changed.

In particular the problem is directed to the displacement and the new location of the bathrooms and kitchens, most of the times you give up these displacements, especially at condominium level, because you do not have or do not know the latest technologies on the market.

So what to do? ...........The problem is easily solved with our proposal of Sanisplit macerators and Sanisplit pressure switch!

The Sanisplit macerator is a device that is mounted directly to each toilet with wall drain in accordance with European standards and consists of 2 main units: a fixed hydraulic unit and a removable half.

The first fixed unit of the Sanisplit is a plastic box that is connected directly to the plumbing system with the purpose of pumping under pressure the drains of each hygienic-sanitary appliance of the bathroom or kitchen (dishwasher, washing machine, etc), collecting the water and is connected to the toilet through a rubber sleeve that comes out of the box and is fixed with the special band given in endowment; Since the connection with the drain is at the back of the Sanisplit, you will avoid the unpleasant sight of pipes, clamps and various accessories that would ruin the design of the bathroom.

The second removable unit of the Sanisplit, on the other hand, contains a pump capable of shredding, reducing into tiny parts and then expelling any solid organic residue, toilet paper, as well as hot, acidic water, all through a 32 or 40 mm diameter pipe until it reaches the nearest sewer.

The SANISPLIT range consists of 5 models respectively:


Following is a table explaining the functions by type of article

trituratore wc maceratore sanisplit

All models are supplied with 1 complete SANISPLIT, 1 bag for automatic waste water collection, 2 caps for emptying tube, 1 complete assembly kit, 1 single-dose bottle of DEPANGEL descaler

It is also possible to buy separately the motor block, article DB MOTORE, or the hydraulic part DB HYDRAULIC PART

SANISPLIT also offers a shredding box for clear water only, therefore not combinable with the bathroom toilet, it consists of 2 articles SANISPLIT K2 and SANISPLIT K3

Below is a table explaining the functionalities by article type

trituratore wc maceratore sanisplit

trituratore wc maceratore sanisplit

SANISPLIT K2 and SANISPLIT K3 are shredding cassettes purely for clear water.
The cistern can be connected to any utility in the kitchen or bathroom except the toilet.
The cistern is equipped with an inspection cap, blocked by a clamp and positioned in the front part.

All models come with
- 1 complete SANISPLIT,
- 1 bag for the automatic collection of wastewater,
- 2 caps per drain tube,
- 1 Complete Mounting Kit,
- 1 single-dose bottle of DEPANGEL descaler

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