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Everyone will have happened to want to turn on or off electrical equipment at a set time without necessarily having to act on a switch, to this obvious time switchesThere are various types on the market time switches, mechanical time switches, electro-mechanical time switches and digital time switches, scheduled daily, weekly or annually. Usually they can be mounted on the wall, on the back or on a DIN rail, obvious energy savings if installed without leaving electrical components on.Below are some of the articles dealt with Time switch Perry-1IO0016D15 Digital time switch with display Perry 1IO 0016D15 with knights 72x72 Wall mounting Mountable on the back panel with optional accessory SG001 Weekly programme 1 circuit 1 contact in free diversion ON/OFF 15 minutes672 programmes Circular LCD display15 days of power reserve Digital time switch annual/weekly Perry-1IO3291 Weekly annual time switch with 2 channels menu - Minimum trip: 1 second Memory capacity: 64 programs ON-OFF Power reserve: 6 years thanks to lithium battery, Relay drive with zero crossing logic, backlit display Power reserve: 6 years thanks to lithium battery

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Perry daily time switch

Perry-1IO0022 Perry daily time switch Available 4 Pz

Perry 1IO0022 electro-mechanical time switch for riders with power reserve Daily program 2 DIN 1 contact in free deviation ON/OFF minimum 30 minutes Wall and DIN rail mounting and rear panel mounting with special optional accessory

• daily time switch
• knights time switch
• daily switch
• time switch
• perry time switch
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Digital daily time switch

Perry-1IO6080 Digital daily time switch Available 1 Pz

Digital daily time switch without daylight saving time change - 2 DIN backlit displays, minimum programming time 1 second, power reserve 15 days, protective glass, simplified programming Perry-1IO6080

• time switch

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Articles for the control of electrical a   Articles for the control of electrical a
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Articles for the control of electrical a   Articles for the control of electrical a