WiFi Chronothermostats

chronothermostats and thermostats made in Italy
Smartbox Perry wireless chronothermostat kit with best price Perry 1TXCR028WIFIKIT
Wireless Smartbox Perry chronothermostat
Perry-1TXCR028WIFIKIT Wireless Smartbox Perry chronothermostat

Perry Wireless chronothermostat kit for boiler with Smartbox directly controlled by Smartphone Works with any type of system (floor, radiator or fan-coil) Automatic suspension of operation when opening windows
Product dimensions cm: 0 Package dimensions cm: 16x14x9,6 Weight Kg: 0 Gross weight Kg: 0,55

White Wireless Perry 1TXCRTX05 wall clock thermostat Perry 1TXCRTX05
White Wireless wallmounted chronothermos
Perry-1TXCRTX05 White Wireless wallmounted chronothermos

Perry Wireless chronothermostat 1TXCRTX05 with radio frequency output 868.35MHz weekly 3 preset programs _ 1 free 2 temperature levels _ antifreeze Telephone command input MASTER function White wall-mounted chronothermostat
Product dimensions cm: 0 Package dimensions cm: 14x5x14 Weight Kg: 0 Gross weight Kg: 0,23

Cronus Wireless Thermostat LCD Wall Display and Receiver Perry 1TXCRTX05RX01
Wireless chronothermostat complete wall
Perry-1TXCRTX05RX01 Wireless chronothermostat complete wall

Wireless chronothermostat complete wall Kit consisting of 1 mpcshop radio 1TX CRTX05 _ 1 radio receiver 1 zone wall 1TX RX01/P The chronothermostat adjusts the time profiles and temperature sets Chronothermostat good and cheap wall
Product dimensions cm: 0 Package dimensions cm: 14x10x14 Weight Kg: 0 Gross weight Kg: 0,51

Perry Electricity Meter 1TXME01WIFI on offer Perry 1TXME01WIFI
Misuratore d’energia elettrica Perry
Perry-1TXME01WIFI Misuratore d’energia elettrica Perry

Electrical energy meter 1TX ME01WIFI Perry Measures and collects electrical energy consumption data in real time 1 DIN module Indications via LEDs Integrated PCB antenna
Product dimensions cm: 0 Package dimensions cm: 16x14x8 Weight Kg: 0 Gross weight Kg: 0,29

Perry 1TXRX01WIFI smartboxWIFI for white mpcshop Perry 1TXRX01WIFI
SMARTBOX WI FI for mpcshop
Perry-1TXRX01WIFI SMARTBOX WI FI for mpcshop

SMARTBOX WI FI for the mpcshop Perry 1TXCR028WIFIKIT Connection via Ethernet to the router No configuration required No computer required With micro USB adapter power supply Manages the data collected from the various connected devices
Product dimensions cm: 0 Package dimensions cm: 14x14x5 Weight Kg: 0 Gross weight Kg: 0,3


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