the Kimeras of Atlantis

An ancient legend, handed down for millennia, tells of Atlantis: a rich, happy and very advanced island that was somewhere in the Mediterranean.
Its inhabitants lived a long period of technological and artistic splendour; it is also said that they discovered brand new materials that they used to melt precious metals and that made them even more brilliant and sparkling. These materials were found underground, excavated by skilled miners with the best tools in the known world. The excavations lasted for hundreds of years and the earth began to give way, becoming more and more crumbly and damp, so the group of elderly priests, aware of the slightest changes in the energies of the region, decided to act, invoking blessings and trying to ingratiate themselves with the gods.
The request was granted just in time: the island collapsed into an abyss within a few weeks, but every living thing on earth changed shape and developed gills and fins, men and women became chimeras, more precisely tritons and mermaids and it seems that they still survive in the most hidden depths. No trace of the human inhabitants of Atlantis was ever found, but to date at least a dozen chimeras fossils have been recovered, evidently belonging to the Amphibians horses who over the centuries have lived in the depths of the sea.

And these fossilchimeras have been reproduced by the imaginative artist Omar Ronda, who wanted to revive these fantastic creatures by depicting them in polyethylene, a non-toxic, resistant, colorful material. Only in this way could they become bearers of joy and playfulness, therefore easily appreciable also by children.
If you want to brighten up your environment or your garden, but also to let your children and their little friends know evolved animals that come from the past and go confident towards the future, give them a Horse-Penguin, a Unicorn-Dolphin or a Horse-Seal and the magic of Atlantis can be relived a little bit at home too!


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