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Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head
Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head

SINED  Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head  is a product on offer at the best price

SINED  Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head  is a product on offer at the best price

Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head

Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head


Decidedly beautiful and innovative, equipped with all the accessories for their assembly, suitable for all outdoor or indoor activities. Design showers that you can place in any outdoor or indoor environment, real pieces of furniture. Discover the best stainless steel showers online with instant discount when ordering.

Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head
Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head
 aluminum shower with shower head 3 jets
 white high efficiency aluminum shower
 aluminum shower with sensor shower head
 sensor shower with hand shower
 white aluminum shower 3 jets

Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head
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Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head
Shower with cold hot water mixerYES
Shower with Foot Faucetno
Shower with Timer Buttonno
Shower with mobile showeryes
Shower with Nebulizerno
Shower shapecurve
Shower TypeExterior interior
Shower Materialaluminum
Shower with shower headYES
Solar Heating Showerno
Traditional Hot and Cold Water Showeryes
Shower accessories materialbrass
Shower head diameter cm24
Shower Head Diameter Inches9,44
Fixing dowels includedyes
Extra inlet tap2
Type Internal pipesBraid inner tubes resistant to up to 15 kg of pressure.
Anti-scale filter included2
Protective bag includedyes
Shower base measurements cm17,5x17,5
N Jet types for the shower head3
Hot Water Diverter Footwash/Showeryes
Material Typealuminum
Country of productionChina
Manualdownload manual
Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head

Inside the kit you will find:

Overhead Shower With Led And 3 Jets


Round Rain Shower Head Diameter 240 Mm Shower Head With Infrared Sensor And Different Led Light Depending On The Water Temperature. Abs Body And Brass Connector 3 Functions Of The Jet Rain, Mist, Water Column

White Aluminum Shower With Hand Shower


White Aluminum Luna Shower With Mobile Hot And Cold Water Hand Shower And Mixer, Round Shower Head Anti-limescale Nozzles. Double Water Connection, Bottom And Side. Ideal For All Outdoor Activities Or Placeable Inside The Home.

LUNA-ALU-D-BIANCA-SENSOR SINED Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head
Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head SINED  Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head  is a product on offer at the best price SINED  Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head  is a product on offer at the best price SINED  Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head  is a product on offer at the best price
White Aluminum Sensor Shower With 3-jet Shower Head For Indoor And Outdoor Use. Double Water Connection, Lower And Side. Positionable Outside Or Inside The House. With Movable Hand Shower. For All Outdoor And Home Bathroom.

Price : EUR 819
Condition: New
Availability: OutOfStock
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Discover the revolutionary SINED White Aluminum Shower Model SENSOR, the perfect balance of design, technology and sustainability. This shower is not only a distinctive feature for your bathroom or outdoor space, but also represents the future of comfort and environmental friendliness. With advanced features and a sleek design, this shower elevates every user experience, becoming an icon of modern luxury.

Main Features and Innovations:
Advanced SENSOR Technology:
Thanks to the sensory showerhead, it changes the water jet with a simple gesture, offering intuitive control for an unparalleled, personalized shower experience.

3-Jet Showerhead: Choose from three different jets for a tailored experience, from a relaxing rain effect to a more intense spray, all accessible with the 304 stainless steel SENSOR technology.

Elegant and Practical Design: This shower, with an imposing yet harmonious aesthetic presence, combines elegance and functionality. Standing 223.5 cm tall with a 17.5 cm base, it offers dual hot and cold water connections and integrated limescale filters.

Durability and Durability: Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the shower resists weathering and UV rays thanks to its aluminum construction and brass fittings, ensuring a long service life.

Eco-compatibility: The shower's functions, including LEDs that indicate water temperature, are powered by water, eliminating the need for batteries and reducing the ecological footprint.

Maintenance and Care:
To keep your sensor shower with hand shower in the best condition, follow our maintenance recommendations. Use the provided limescale filters and clean regularly with mild products. We also offer a protective 190 cloth bag to store the shower during the winter months or when not in use.

Commitment to the Future:
The SINED White 3-Jet Aluminum Shower symbolizes a commitment to innovation and sustainability. With a perfect harmony of advanced aesthetics and environmental friendliness, this shower sets new standards for home comfort and eco-friendly design. By choosing SINED, you're investing in your daily well-being and a greener future.

The SINED Model SENSOR White Aluminum Shower is more than just an upgrade for your space-it represents an investment in wellness, sophisticated design, and environmental sustainability. Enter a new era of the shower experience with SINED, where every choice reflects complete customer satisfaction and respect for the planet.
Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head
Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head
Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head  is a product on offer at the best price

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Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head   Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head
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Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head   Aluminum Shower With Sensor Shower Head