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Sport and sea, a binomial now indissoluble for some categories, we propose everything for beach tennis, skateboards and inflatable or rigid sup boards. Quality all made in Italy at the service of all seasons. You'll find the best prices online and maximum assistance even when ordering. Ask for a discount dedicated you will be satisfied.

 beach tennis
 beach rackets
 beach tennis rackets
 beach tennis
 beach rackets
 beach tennis

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Beach Tennis Racket

Beach tennis, another Italian invention!

Born in the mid 1970s (of the last century), it was initially considered a game for tourists, with no rules. Towards the end of the 1990s (also last century), beach tennis rules were established. The first tournament took place on the beach in Catania.

Some background on the rules of the game, below you will find the rules of beach tennis - Italian Tennis Federation

It is played on a sand court 16 m long and 8 m wide for doubles, 16 m long and 4.5 m wide for singles. The height from the ground of the dividing net is 1.80 m in the middle.

The racket is a maximum of 50 cm long and its plate is a maximum of 38 cm wide with a maximum thickness of 3.5 cm. Its surface must be smooth, although "holes" are permitted to lighten the tool and reduce its friction with air. The ball is very similar to a tennis ball but slightly depressurised.

Players must always hit and hit the ball on the volley. The scoring sequence of a game is: 15-30-40-win without advantages. There is no second service ball, so a serve error gives a 15, as does a foot fault. With regard to importance or speciality, a match consists of 6-game sets with tie-breaks or best of 3 sets, or a single best of 9-game set can be played; if a 6-game set is decided upon, a tie-break is played.

Self-refereeing is common practice, i.e. each team referees its own court even in high-level tournaments, with the exception of finals or matches of particular importance. Players may not touch the net either with their body or racket, nor may they pass under the net with their foot and the racket may not go over the net. This is called an invasion resulting in a point for the opposing team; recently the `three-metre rule` has been added, i.e. when receiving, one must stand more than three metres from the net.

Going back in time we all remember what it used to be called, playing racquetball! Everything evolves, in this case for the better!
Now it has become a sport, and there are no age restrictions, apart from breath, the components that have made it so popular are mainly 4:
- It`s fun
- It is also a game
- It is a sport
- It costs little, both in terms of clothing and equipment

The most important piece of equipment is undoubtedly the racket (don`t call it a big racket :-)).

The racket must be suitable for your physical structure and the size of your hand. So it must not be too heavy, otherwise it will overload your wrist and arm muscles. The handle must not be too thick, otherwise your fingers will not be able to grip it firmly. The handle must not be too thin either, otherwise it could easily twist in your hand.
Try out different sizes. When holding the racket, your fingers should wrap around the handle naturally.
Children normally play with handle sizes 1-3; women 3-5; men 5-8.

We offer a complete collection for your needs and for all budgets. No doubt you already know how to play Beach Tennis, but even for beginners, including children, you will find the right model here.


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Sup Inflatable, rigid, bea paddles   Sup Inflatable, rigid, bea paddles
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Sup Inflatable, rigid, bea paddles   Sup Inflatable, rigid, bea paddles