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Sport and sea, a binomial now indissoluble for some categories, we propose everything for beach tennis, skateboards and inflatable or rigid sup boards. Quality all made in Italy at the service of all seasons. You'll find the best prices online and maximum assistance even when ordering. Ask for a discount dedicated you will be satisfied.

 sup fin
 sup fin
 how to assemble fin
 fin for sup
 fin assembly video

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How to mount the sup fin

Not sure how to fit a fin to your SUP? Nothing could be easier, you won't need spanners, screwdrivers, burners or.....a soldering iron, just your hands!

How to fit a fin to your SUP

Along with the fin you will find a bolt with a small square nut
1. Remove the small square nut (don't lose the bolt, you will need it).
2. Insert the small square nut into the groove where the fin sits and slide it forward.
3. Now take your fin. On the opposite side of the bolt you will find a transverse split. Hold the fin at an angle and push it towards the rear.
4. Push the fin forward again until the hole for the fin bolt lines up with the small square nut. Screw the bolt lightly into the nut.
5. Done!

A word of advice after disassembly: do not lose the bolt and nut! They are very small and you could easily lose them.

Below is the video that will help you with assembly, it is worth more than many words, have a good surf!

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Sup Inflatable, rigid, bea paddles   Sup Inflatable, rigid, bea paddles
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Sup Inflatable, rigid, bea paddles   Sup Inflatable, rigid, bea paddles