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Contact addresses and MPCshop references


Contact addresses and MPCshop references
Registered Office: M.P.C. srl - Via Pulci 15, 20126 Milano
Headquarters: Via Sesto San Giovanni 31, Torre A interno 1021, 20126 Milano
VAT/Tax code: 11811400156 - REA MI1500778

Information & Customer Service:
Tel: +39 0247758004
Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 9.00 / 13.00 - h 14.00 / 18:00
Email Fax: +39 02700520906

For faults, recesses and guarantees: Tel: +39 0247758004
RMA Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 to 12:00

To ensure the highest level of the customer service, your call may be monitored and recorded.
It is preferably communicate by email: the ticket automatically entered by the customer in the after-sales section have processing priority.
Contact addresses and MPCshop references
Contact addresses and MPCshop references

Acquista in modo intelligente radiatori elettrici con termostati digitali innovativi

Stupisci tuo figlio adolescente con la carta da parati Banksy Collage: è unica, si può tagliare dove si vuole e.. scatena la creatività!

Configuratore Docce Arkema Design

Whatsapp è uno dei sistemi di comunicazione più comodi

Dedicated to retailers

> Dedicated to retailers

> Automatic soap and disinfectant gel dispensers

Electric heating

> Towelheater at best price
> Advantages of an electric fireplace
> Heating Shop
> Guide to Electric Heating
> Electric heater at best price
> Low consumption electric heating

MPCSHOP Who we are

> Follow us on Facebook
> Cookies Policy MPC
> Best Price Service private negotiation
> Service Request Offers for uantity in 24 hours
> Buy online with reduced VAT Italy
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> Electronic invoicing in online sales
> Drop shipping
> Our commitment to customer service

Bioethanol fireplaces and burners

> Bioethanol Fireplaces at best price
> Ecofriendly bioethanol fireplaces

Mhteam Diesel Heating Cannons

> Diesel heaters MH team DH1
> Mhteam Dh2 Diesel Diesel Heaters

> Ceiling and wall fans with led

Infrared heaters

> Infrared Radiant panel JHheater
> Infrared Heating
> Outdoor Heaters Petalo Moel
> Infrared Heaters Blacklight
> Infrared Heating Sharklite Infrared Radiator
> Infrared Heating Lamp Oasi

Perry Thermostats and Chronothermostats

> Video Tutorial Programmable Thermostats ZEFIRO Series
> Counting of operating hours
> Automatic light on at sunset
> Motion Detectors at best price
> Staircase Light Time Switches
> Wireless Chronothermostat Smartbox Perry

Tagu electric fireplaces

> Tagu Electric Fireplaces Frode model
> Tagu Larsen Fireplaces
> Helmi Tagu electric fireplaces
> Tagu Electric Chimneys model Magna
> Electric fireplace in walnut Tagu Gala
> Tagu Stone Electric Fireplaces
> Fireplaces with electric insert Tagu Hagen
> Tagu Fireplaces Safety Information
> Installation of the Tagu electric fireplace
> Conservation and Reuse of the Tagu Box

> Sined Peroxy for safe cleaning of all surfaces

Mascherine di Protezione

> Washable fabric masks Fashion
> Discounted packages of 5 masks with Free Shipping

Electric fireplaces Glow Fire

> MCP and pleased to present the new range of Glow Fire fireplaces
> Glow fire LED electric fireplaces technology
> Glow Fire fire steam effect

Heating products catalogues

> Catalogue Electric Infrared Heaters
> Catalogue Electric Fireplaces Rubyfires
> Fireplaces catalogue Chemin Arte
> Catalogue Fireplace Frames
> Heaters and Hot Air Generators Mhteam Catalogue
> Online catalogue Wood Stoves
> Online catalogue Wood Heating Stoves
> Chronothermostats Catalogue
> Online Catalogue Infrared Heating Infrapower

Electronic anti-flea

> Flea and tick control for animals
> Ultrasonic repellent for hunters
> Ultrasonic repellent for children

Traditional plastic showers Funny Yin

> top line funny yin resin showers with t125tl foot washer
> funny yin topline shower with foot washer and shower head t325tl
> Buy an Italian resin shower for indoor and outdoor use
> Buy an Italian shower for garden and indoor use
> Classic shower for bathroom and garden
> Coloured garden and indoor shower with resin tubing

Steam or infrared saunas

> Infrared saunas
> Steam Saunas

Fireplaces and heaters Cheminarte

> Electrical Decorative Heaters
> Electric fireplaces Chemin Arte XXL line
> electric fireplaces at the lowest price

Virtual Desktop the Italian Cloud

> Tricerat Simplify suite
> What is Virtualdesktop
> Virtual desktop and ERP in Cloud

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Contact addresses and MPCshop references   Contact addresses and MPCshop references
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Contact addresses and MPCshop references   Contact addresses and MPCshop references