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To complete and make more usable all the outdoor environments you just have to browse the catalog to find the article that suits you. Real furnishing accessories ranging from fountains, in various types, up to the chiase longue. Design, elegance and taste with cutting-edge technology by SINED. Like the garden loungers, a real touch of class ideal for enhancing your garden or poolside

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Fountains in kit with buckets
They have finally arrived! Practically indispensable, these garden fountains are complete with a practical bucket with an aluminum grid that also acts as a leaf collector. SINED offers three different types of fountains, series ACQUA, ACQUA PRO and TRITONE. All available in 5 different colors that can be combined with each other, suitable for all outdoor activities, even in marine environments. They are easy and immediate to install and do not require special technical skills for their assembly. Excellent at condominium level, gardens, swimming pools, beaches, dog areas, all have the double predisposition for water connection, lower or lateral.

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 fountains with bucket
 fountains with bucket
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Fountains in kit with buckets

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