Low consumption electric heating

The low-consumption electric heating we offer our customers uses natural air convection. It is a heating system for which the cold air stratified in the lower parts of the room is drawn in through the lower grilles of the Ballu convector and then heated by the heating element inside.
The air is then silently conveyed to the outside so as to make the environment warm and comfortable, without burning oxygen, this makes it a natural convection radiator.

Low consumption electric heating

This brings benefits of the fanless heating element such as, ceramic core, quietness and even heat.
The range is composed of various heating powers, from 1000 to 2000W according to your needs.

Because the inverter electric radiator is the best and the fastest:
Patented hedgehog technology
The grooved surface of the heating element has been specially designed to increase the heat transfer area by 20%, but maintaining a 15% lower temperature than the competition to avoid oxygen burning and to maintain low power consumption.

Low consumption electric heating

Patented thermoresist compact mounting for the inverter wall radiator
To increase the length of the heating element, we have invented the new Thermoresist Compact connection, which is distinguished by its compact size and increased resistance to high temperatures.

Low consumption electric heating

Patented trapezoidal design
Thanks to the trapezoidal shape and the location of the external digital thermostat control the hot air flow is evenly distributed inside the convection chamber, heating the room 20% faster. In this case, no particularly hot zones are created inside the device, thus increasing the life of the convector

Low consumption electric heating

Wider patented cold air intake grid
The air intake, compared to conventional convectors, is larger thanks to the application of the external wheel supports. In this way the intake air intake is faster and, as a result, the production of hot air is also increased, making room heating faster.

Low consumption electric heating

Special features

Modality of manual use or automatic (recommended for energy saving)
Antifreeze program that does not allow the ambient temperature to fall below 5°
Adjustable temperature from 5° to 35°
Open window detection sensor
Programmable 24/7 from device
Children`s protection (anti-tilt and key lock)
Wider, frontal hot air emission grids for faster heating
Splash protection
Easy to install and you can decide to make the Ballu convection convector mobile thanks to the practical swivel castors or to fix it to the wall thanks to the practical brackets.
The wheels are included in the package together with the brackets and the corresponding mounting kit. You won't have to buy other accessories as an optional extra like the traditional convectors on the market.

Do you want to know how much you will spend with a wall mounted radiator at the best price? Soon said, take a look below... very little!

BALLU-HM1000 model for a 21 sqm room. Consumption kW / DAY 6,7 with a cost in KW of € 0,20/kWh you will have a cost of € 1,40/day

BALLU-HM1500 Model For a room of 31 sqm. Consumption kW/DAY 10,5 with a cost in KW of € 0,20/kWh you will have a cost of € 2,10/day

Model BALLU-HM2000 For a room of 41 sqm. Consumption kW/DAY 14 with a cost in KW of € 0,20/kWh you will have a cost of € 2,80/day

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Vat included


To save money in summer ventilation a modern fan with low consumption LED light is very good



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