Mobile Evaporative Cooler

Mobile Evaporative Cooler

Is air conditioning expensive? Refreshed with professional cooler

Is your home or office hot? Cool down with a portable cooler
The evaporative cooler for home or professional use is always an intelligent way to cool a small, medium or large room while consuming little electricity.
You don't have the inconvenience of difficult installation, holes in the wall, doors or windows, ducts or traces in the wall, refrigerants or any chemical components that could also pollute the environment.
All you need is water!
All you need is the water, to be inserted in the dedicated container, the only thing to do is to check the level of the tank from time to time and, if necessary, refill it.

First, given the initial costs, they were used almost exclusively in large companies or areas, where the cost of an air conditioner was highly prohibitive.
For some years now, several companies have been proposing on the market domestic coolers, usually on wheels, with an affordable cost and with no need for maintenance.

How does a portable evaporative cooler work?
Quite simply, as soon as you turn it on you have the benefit of the impeller, like a ceiling fan or a floor lamp, but in addition to the movement of the air you have an evaporation effect by atomising the water in the tank which is absorbed and filtered through a honeycomb panel immersed in the liquid.

What are the advantages of a cooler on wheels
- The first is the cost of purchase, our range meets all needs in terms of prices
- The consumption, are always a few watts, sometimes as a small fan, not like the classic air conditioners that can also reach 1000 or 2000 watts
- They do not pollute, they don`t pollute, as they don`t have any refrigerant gas or chemical elements inside
- Their portability, our range is all on wheels, so they can be easily moved in every environment and transportable
- Easy to use and assemble, you just need electricity and water, nothing more!
- All our evaporative coolers emit negative ions, purify the air.

Our range

cooler with remote control

Industrial evaporative cooler, great air emission power for large environments.
It can treat 18,000 cubic metres of air in one hour and is suitable for large areas such as - department stores, hotels, discos, open air areas etc. ..... Supplied with remote control.

portable cooler

Refresher with remote control with high efficiency motor and low power consumption, only 180 watts. The portable cooler is sold in creamy white or red.
Easily movable in any environment with its wheels

portable cooler

Classic home cooler, robust and economical, consumes only 130 watts but can cover an area up to 20 square meters. Mobile cooler

mobile cooler

Professional evaporative cooler with great performance, can treat 4500 cubic meters per hour with a consumption of only 160 watts.
With a normal air conditioner you would never succeed.
Evaporative cooler with wheels for industrial use SINED JHCOOL-JH-T9
Professional Evaporative Cooler T9
RaffrescatoreIndustrialePortatileT9-MPC Professional Evaporative Cooler T9

Industrial evaporative cooler T9 with wheels Professional air cooler for areas from 100 to 150 sqm Axial fan High resistance to UV radiation, corrosion and deformation Evaporative cooler with high air flow and low noise generation
Product dimensions cm: 116x116x176 Package dimensions cm: 0 Weight Kg: 90 Gross weight Kg: 100
Industrial evaporative cooler

1899 Vat included

Water-cooled air conditioner for large surfaces SINED JHCOOL-JH-801
Mobile evaporative cooler
RaffrescatoreMobile801-MPC Mobile evaporative cooler

Mobile industrial evaporative cooler on wheels air treatment of 8000 cubic meters per hour with remote control and ionizer Tank 57 liters Air conditioner for outdoor and large areas of 50-70 square meters Axial fan in aluminum 3 speeds
Product dimensions cm: 80x48x138 Package dimensions cm: 81x49x150 Weight Kg: 31 Gross weight Kg: 34

655,01 Vat included

Portable evaporative cooler white with discount SINED JHCOOL-157-WHITE
Mobile white evaporative cooler
RaffrescatoreMobileBianco157-MPC Mobile white evaporative cooler

Mobile evaporation cooling unit 156 Colour white suitable for rooms up to 30 sqm Water consumption 3-5 litres per hour Air conditioning unit with water cooling ideal for private and commercial applications Refreshes and purifies the air
Product dimensions cm: 55x40,8x166,5 Package dimensions cm: 58x46,6x172 Weight Kg: 28 Gross weight Kg: 32
Evaporative cooler

644 Vat included


Portable evaporative cooler



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