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Wall and floor heating panel
BALLU-HM1000 Wall and floor heating panel
The INVERTER digital thermostat is included in the Rapid and Rapid Flat models, the only electric convectors on the market that boast this feature. The INVERTER technology allows: an accurate control of the temperature automatically adjusts the power up to 20 ella total power, so the radiator, when reaching the set temperature, consumes 30% less than traditional radiators.At this link you can see the low power consumption certificate that certifies Ballu's Rapid (and Rapid Flat) convector as the most efficient in the world. The INVERTER technology allows you to choose the power to be used by the radiator (if in manual mode) or automatically adjust the power (if in automatic mode) in 5 levels.
Paolo 17/11/2020 10:47:40

Inflatable Sup Stand Up Paddle
OUTRIDE-AIR-GATOR Inflatable Sup Stand Up Paddle
Is the paddle carbon?
The paddle is made of aluminum
Outride 12/03/2021 15:10:45

Multivoltage level regulator
Perry-1CLRLEME-3 Multivoltage level regulator
How do I connect the level regulator?
It connects with a probe with electronic wire connection, our model is the Perry-1CLSF010. Attention maximum operating temperature supported by the probe is 80 degrees.
Paolo 28/10/2020 11:21:45

Electromechanical level regulator
Perry-1CLRLG04-15PVC Electromechanical level regulator
I can't install the counterweight, and I lost the manual too. A little help?
Insert the cable into the tapered hole in order to cause the plastic ring inserted at the mouth to detach (at the limit helped by a screwdriver). Place the ring on the point of the cable where you want to lock the counterweight. Force the counterweight moderately by turning it.
Paolo 8 agosto 2019

Waste water level regulator
Perry-1CLRLG12-20PVC Waste water level regulator
Can I use it as a floating switch for the condo sewer?
The device is specifically designed and engineered to work in sewage, taking into account that the maximum operating temperature is 50 °C.
Paolo 2 settembre 2020

Chronothermostat for weekly installation
Perry-1CRCDS26 Chronothermostat for weekly installation
Is it possible to enter a password in the chronothermostat?
Yes, it is possible, this inhibits the use of user and/or installer functions of the chronothermostat.
30/10/2020 15:53:53
good morning, I wanted to know if this chronothermostat is compatible with BTICINO plates
Good morning to you, this device can be installed with BITICINO plates of the series:- AXOLUTE: white/anthracite-tech- AXOLUTE AIR: white/anthracite/tech- LIVING - LIGHT - LIGHT TECH- LIVINGLIGHT: anthracite/white/tech - MATIX- LIVINGLIGHT AIR: anthracite/white/tech
21/10/2020 15:32:07

Perry builtin chronothermostat
Perry-1CRCDS27 Perry builtin chronothermostat
I have recently purchased this chronothermostat, I should go on a skiing holiday, is it possible to inhibit its operation?
Hello, the chronothermostat has the \"holiday program\" function, a function that allows those who are away from home for several days, in short, it suspends the operation of the chronothermostat for a preset period of time, keeping the temperature at antifreeze level.
2 dicembre 2019

Builtin chronothermostat with 3V batteri
Perry-1CRCDS28 Builtin chronothermostat with 3V batteri
Good morning, I didn't quite understand if and how many faceplates are provided with the chronothermostat...
Good morning to you, the faceplates are 3 and are supplied in the package, the products are dimensionally and chromatically compatible with the plates of the series:ABB: ChiaraBTICINO: Light, LivingLight Bianca, Light Tech, LivingLight Tech, Living,LivingLight Antracite, Matix, Axolute Tech, Axolute Antracite,Axolute BiancaGEWISS: Chorus ONE/LUX/FLAT/GEO Bianca,Chorus ONE/LUX/FLAT/GEO Nera,Chorus ONE/LUX/FLAT/GEO TitanioVIMAR: Plana, Plana Silver, Eikon Grigia, Eikon Next, Eikon Bianca Arké Bianca, Arké Nera
10/05/2020 17:13:47

Builtin chronothermostat 230V Perry
Perry-1CRCDS29 Builtin chronothermostat 230V Perry
how can I stop the heating when there are windows open in the house?
The chronothermostat is equipped with the convenient cleaning function, which allows you to temporarily turn off the heating while you have doors and windows open. For example, when cleaning the apartment.
30/06/2019 17:23:46

Electric Fire Insert Flandria
Rubyfires-Flandria Electric Fire Insert Flandria
you can only have the flame effect without heating?
Of course, just don't select it.
29/10/2020 11:47:59


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