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Amiata builtin electric fireplace
CAMINETTO-AMIATA-180 Amiata builtin electric fireplace
Good morning, I have always had problems with couriers, broken parcels, left with neighbors, etc. Given the size how is the package shipped? Grasie Lucia B.
Lucia B.
Hi Lucia, thank you for contacting us. We have sold several of these electric fireplaces without ever having had any problems with the couriers. Please consider that the fireplace arrives perfectly packed in a custom-made wooden crate. Two people are recommended for unpacking. Sincerely
Paolo 14/09/2021

Imposing indoor fireplace
CAMINETTO-ETNA-300 Imposing indoor fireplace
Hi, I noticed that it is very large and I can't encase it, can it be put on a stand? Thank you Laura V.
Laura V.
Hello Laura, thank you for contacting us. Indeed it is a fireplace of some importance, even \"physical\", yes, you can put it on a base or on the floor. If on base consider that the electric fireplace has a weight of about 60 KG. Sincerely
Paolo 10/09/2020 15:25:53

Chaise longue on offer
If I put it in water in my pool does this deckchair float or is it possible to submerge it?
all of our Sined chaise lounges are floating in water, but by opening a special stopper you can make it fill with water and remain semi-submerged at the bottom or on the side of the pool
Paolo 21/05/2022 21:19:03

Quick Fixing System Inox showers CBox
DOCCIA-C-BOX Quick Fixing System Inox showers CBox
can i have a replacement c-box attachment? i have decided to move my shower to another spot in the pool
No problem!!! We have c-boxes in stock, just order it in our website
23/11/2022 12:02:07

White shower for garden Sined Sole
DOCCIA-SOLE-BIANCA White shower for garden Sined Sole
Good morning, I would like to know why you recommend placing the shower in a place always sunny, I live in flat area always sunny on the coast, I particularly like the white shower in question. Thank you Lucia
Good morning to you Lucia, each color has its own \"response\" to the sun's rays, the darker color is best suited for faster heating of the water inside the shower. There are several considerations by our customers, the color, accessories, etc.. Sometimes what prevails is a subjective choice such as completing the outdoor furniture of a garden or an outdoor pool. In your case I don't see any problem with the choice of a white solar shower. Sincerely
Paolo 09/02/2022 11:41:03
Hi, what assurances do I have about the goodness of the shower construction? Thanks John
Good morning Giovanni, All our showers are on Italian design and control of the entire chain of realization. Each shower is tested individually under pressure immersed in a tub of water to verify the watertightness, after the test is dried, rechecked and carefully packaged with custom protections.I hope to have been useful, thank you for visiting.Cordiality
Paolo 20/04/2021

Poolside shower
DOCCIA-SOLE-GRIGIA Poolside shower
I would like to know what kind of warranty I have after purchase? Thank you Angela.
Angela thanks for contacting us, the warranty is the Italian one regulated by the law in force. 2 years for purchases made with tax code and 1 year with vat.
Paolo 24/10/2021
Just one question, is the installation difficult? Thank you Andrea
Hello Andrea, thank you for your interest, no, the installation does not require special technical skills, we provide everything to be able to carry it out in a safe and durable, fixing plugs supplied with fixing with special protective nylon bushings. Cordiality
Paolo 09/02/2022 14:31:10
Good afternoon, I hope you guys can answer me, I have already asked the same question on several sites to no avail. Why should I buy this shower? Massimo
Hi Massimo, thank you for visiting us. We offer only high-level solar showers, in this case I can assure you of the absolute quality of the shower in question, both from the point of view of construction, and the accessories provided. Apart from the limescale filter and the cover (which we provide free of charge), the internal pipes can withstand a pressure of 12 kg! And then there is the pre and post sales assistance that we provide.
Paolo 30/05/2021

Black garden shower Sined Sole
DOCCIA-SOLE-NERA Black garden shower Sined Sole
Good morning, I wanted to know if I need to apply for any permits for solar shower installation. Thank you
Good morning to you, no, no request for authorization for the placement of solar shower black SOLE. Only in the case of installation within a condominium, if any, will have to comply with the relevant regulation. Cordiality
Paolo 23/03/2021
Hi, how do I protect my shower during the winter?
Good morning Claudia, your question is very important. Even if our showers are built twice as thick as others on the market, it is good to follow some indications for a perfect maintenance and long life. During the winter season the shower should be completely emptied and placed in a protected place. Operation extremely easy, do not worry. However, during the summer season we give away the useful protective bag, great if you do not use the shower for long periods.Cordiality
Paolo 26/05/2021

Inflatable Sup Stand Up Paddle
OUTRIDE-AIR-GATOR Inflatable Sup Stand Up Paddle
Is the paddle carbon?
The paddle is made of aluminum
Outride 12/03/2021 15:10:45

IR Heater with Stereo Speakers 1000W
RiscaldatoreInfrarossi1000SOUND-MPC IR Heater with Stereo Speakers 1000W
Good morning, how do I pair the panel with smrtphone? Thank you
Good morning to you and thank you for contacting us. The Bluetooth speaker is on when the heater is turned on, the speaker enters pairing mode, when accessing the Bluetooth feature of the device (e.g. cell phone, laptop, PDA, etc.) - Search for the JH-HEATER-SPEAKER device - When found, select and pair the device. One clarification, the speaker does not support the phone`s hands-free function.
Paolo 10/09/2021 09:03:53

Infrared heater with Wifi APP
RiscaldatoreInfrarossi1000-WIFI-MPC Infrared heater with Wifi APP
Good morning, how do I download the application for WIFI?
Good morning, you can conveniently download the App at this address: .Cordially
Paolo 15/01/2022 11:02:20

Heater with bluetooth audio
RiscaldatoreInfrarossi1800SOUND-MPC Heater with bluetooth audio
Good morning, can I get a discount when I place my order?
Good morning Maximilian, of course you can get a discount, in the product tabs you just need to click on the button that says Best Price, it is orange in color. Enter your email and you will almost immediately receive the welcome offer. In case you need more items just click on the Quantity Discount button, the one in red color. Sincerely
Paolo 02/09/2022 16:07:07

Infrared heater wifi
RiscaldatoreInfrarossi1800-WIFI-MPC Infrared heater wifi
Can I select different powers or is the panel fixed at 1800W? Thank you
Gianluca C.
Hello Gianluca, the panel has 4 power settings 25% - 50% - 75% - 100%, depending on the amount of heat you need. Sincerely
Paolo 09/01/2020 16:22

Infrared heater with wifi
RiscaldatoreInfrarossi2400-WIFI-MPC Infrared heater with wifi
Good morning, is it possible to turn off the panel at a certain time?
Marco L.
Hi Marco, yes, it is possible. You can easily set the relevant timer directly from the supplied remote control. For details, simply download the manual that comes with the product. Greetings
Paolo 12/02/2021 17:07

IR Patio Heater 3200W Remote Control
RiscaldatoreInfrarossi3200DESIGN-MPC IR Patio Heater 3200W Remote Control
What should I purchase for mounting? I would like to place it on the ceiling of the porch. Thank you
Valentino T.
Hello Valentino, thank you for contacting us, nothing, you do not have to purchase anything. The radiant panel arrives complete with everything for installation, both wall and ceiling. Regards
Paolo 12/10/2021 17:27

Longwawe Infrared Heater MPC 3200W
RiscaldatoreInfrarossi3200-MPC Longwawe Infrared Heater MPC 3200W
Good morning, I would like to give this heater to my husband for Christmas, he is always in the garage doing his thing. We have no heater there and the room is quite large, about 25 sqm. Do you recommend it? Gloria D.
Gloria D.
Good morning to you Gloria, thank you for contacting us. No problem, this panel will be enough to heat that area. Only caution. mount it at a minimum height of 2 meters. Sincerely
Paolo 27/09/2021 09:03:53

Infrared panel with Wifi APP
RiscaldatoreInfrarossi3200-WIFI-MPC Infrared panel with Wifi APP
Good morning, I have a bar in L'Aquila, usually winter I have problems with outside tables to be able to serve outside the bar. What do you recommend? Paul
Paolo B.
Good morning Paul, thank you for contacting us. Nothing beats an infrared heating panel, in which case the model shown is right for you. I remind you that infrared heats, humans, objects the furniture, but not the air, so your clients will undoubtedly have all the benefits of the case. You will be able to control the heater with dedicated App, android or iOS. THE App can conveniently download from the links found in the product sheet. Only recommendation, even if designed for outdoors, place the panel in a protected area. This is advice we give to all our customers. Sincerely
Paolo 02/08/2021 16:20:07

High Efficiency Infrared Heater 4000W
RiscaldatoreInfrarossi4000INDUSTRIAL-MPC High Efficiency Infrared Heater 4000W
Hello, I should heat a shed, I already have three phase system, I saw this article, is it good for the purpose?
Good morning, this panel is also specially designed for this need. Designed and manufactured to optimize consumption it is ideal for heating a shed. You have not indicated the area to be heated, in case you need more panels we can offer you the possibility of a customized offer. We always come to meet our customers' needs. Sincerely
Paolo 19/09/2020 15:19:30

Electric Fire Insert Flandria
Rubyfires-Flandria Electric Fire Insert Flandria
you can only have the flame effect without heating?
Of course, just don't select it.
29/10/2020 11:47:59


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