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Decidedly beautiful and innovative, equipped with all the accessories for their assembly, suitable for all outdoor or indoor activities. Design showers that you can place in any outdoor or indoor environment, real pieces of furniture. Discover the best stainless steel showers online with instant discount when ordering.

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High quality garden and pool shower

You won`t find the same technical features and accessories on the market that SINED offers its customers. Absolute quality for AISI 316L marine steel showers for the sea, garden and swimming pool. Equipped with everything for safe and long-lasting installation. The only part made of AISI 304 stainless steel is the hand shower hose
For sweet relief on summer days and beyond, these showers are connected to the home water system (hot and cold water). This allows you to take hot showers even in the cold season.
Easy to connect to the mains with the dedicated quick couplings and the double mixer will allow you to have mixed hot water from both the shower head and the mobile hand shower.

SINED PULA Outdoor Shower

SINED PULA Outdoor Shower

Place the shower on a solid support, perfectly flat and level, able to support the weight of the shower and prevent it from falling, such as a concrete floor, stone, concrete base, etc. Fixing is done using the plugs supplied and the C-BOX supplied.

SINED PULA Outdoor Shower

Some advice
Stainless steel showers are particularly sensitive to impurities and limescale and, if installed outdoors, to low temperatures during winter.
- It is recommended to purge the system before connecting the water pipes to prevent dirt and impurities from getting into the shower and causing it to malfunction.
- To avoid the formation of limescale, we strongly recommend installing a special filter at the water inlets and periodically cleaning the shower, the nozzles and the shower head. Our C-BOX quick-fix system makes assembly and disassembly particularly easy. The C-BOX is equipped with a special cover to protect the water inlets from dirt and to avoid possible clogging of the pipes when the shower is disassembled.
- Before the winter period or in case of prolonged non-use, it is recommended to turn off the water supply and to empty the shower completely. In addition, it is advisable to dismantle the shower and store it during the winter period or to protect it with suitable covers.

- To avoid the formation of limescale stains on the outside of the shower, simply clean it with a damp cloth and neutral soap, rinse it and dry it.
- Do not use aggressive or abrasive cleaning agents or those containing alcohol, hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid.

Discover our indoor and outdoor design showers online SINED PULA INOX
High quality garden shower
DOCCIA-PULA-INOX High quality garden shower

Outdoor shower Pula Sined Shower for swimming pool and garden. Shower head diameter 25cm Structure and accessories in marine stainless steel AISI 316L Drum diameter 6 cm in Shower with hot and cold water supply Hand shower and mixer H 230 cm
Product dimensions cm: 230x25x54,5 Package dimensions cm: 129x56x27 Weight Kg: 15,5 Gross weight Kg: 18,5
Stainless Steel

Design black shower for indoor outdoor discounted price SINED PULA BLACK
High quality black garden shower
DOCCIA-PULA-NERA High quality black garden shower

Shower for swimming pool Pula Nera with shower head diameter 25 cm Garden shower with mixer and hand shower Body and accessories in marine stainless steel AISI 316L. Shower with hot and cold water supply Concealed connections in the base
Product dimensions cm: 230x25x54,5 Package dimensions cm: 129x56x27 Weight Kg: 15,5 Gross weight Kg: 18,5
Steel Black Matt

2359 Vat included


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Indoor and Outdoor Showers   Indoor and Outdoor Showers
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Indoor and Outdoor Showers   Indoor and Outdoor Showers