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With more than thirty years of experience we now know what is needed in the field of heating, experience also formed by the advice of our most loyal customers. From the simple domestic heating to the professional one for small and large environments, here you will find everything to spend a cold season in comfort, saving both in the purchase and in the maintenance.
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Hot air generator on offer

Hot air generator on offer

When you need a powerful hot air generator at the best price and professional level....... you will find it at MPC SHOP.

This air heater is the top of the range from the house of MHTeam, no less than 15000 watts of power can cover an area of 120 square metres!

For optimal performance the fan heater has 3 heating power levels, 5000/10000/15000 W with an air output of 1100 mc per hour.

We also have 2000W hot air generators in our catalogue, which are excellent for heating small to medium-sized rooms.

The hot air fan is mainly for professional use in workshops or the building trade.

Equipped with a post-ventilation phase, i.e. the electric air heater, when the heating function is switched off, keeps the ventilation running for a few seconds in order to cool the hot elements inside the machine and thus supply the accumulated residual heat.
This function has a dual purpose: to cool the machine and distribute the accumulated heat to the room to be heated.

All the heating elements are made of stainless steel and the body is made entirely of metal. It is also powerful and easy to transport thanks to its wheels and handle.

Hot air generator on offer

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Electric fireplaces Heaters Fans and Air   Electric fireplaces Heaters Fans and Air