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Water Coolers
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Water Coolers
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Water Coolers
Water Coolers
The water cooler or evaporative cooler, cools the air using the evaporation of water to create a fresh and constant flow in the rooms. Why buy a cooler? Because it uses water evaporation to cool the air and lower the room temperature even in the hottest summer. Because it humidifies the air avoiding dryness of the skin and respiratory tract, especially in winter. Because it has a strong energy saving, high efficiency and respect for the environment. Because our range has the supplied remote control. Because they have a timer that can be set.Thus efficiency, comfort, savings on your electricity bill and our extremely advantageous offers make it an indispensable appliance in all seasons.Not to be confused with air conditioners, coolers cost much less and consume almost nothing of electricity. Our range of domestic coolers can cover from 20 to 35 square meters without any problems. Buy it now on MPCShop.it, you won't be disappointed!

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Water Coolers
Water Coolers
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Water Coolers
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Water Coolers
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Water Coolers
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Water Coolers

Water Coolers
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Water Coolers
Water Coolers


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