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To complete and make more usable all the outdoor environments you just have to browse the catalog to find the article that suits you. Real furnishing accessories ranging from fountains, in various types, up to the chiase longue. Design, elegance and taste with cutting-edge technology by SINED. Like the garden loungers, a real touch of class ideal for enhancing your garden or poolside


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How to repair a chaise longue

Repair is always better than throw away!

Whether it's a valuable or cheap item, it's better to.....mend it! I forgot, we are talking about chaise longues made of polyethylene, a material that rarely gets damaged.

The characteristics of polyethylene:
It is an extremely lightweight material that enjoys resistance to chemicals, water and salt solutions, high temperature resistance and UV resistance. It is also an easily weldable and at the same time extremely impact-resistant material. It also has a high coefficient of friction and excellent dimensional stability. An important feature is that polyethylene is shrinkable, i.e. it is a material that shrinks in length or width as a result of heat.

Sometimes it can happen that a chaise longue in polyethylene is scratched or damaged, even unintentionally. If the scratch is superficial and does not affect the integrity of the chaise longue then do something about it, in the case of large cracks it is better to leave it alone.

We are talking about small scratches or abrasions, in case of cracks there are special glues or epoxy putty on the market. Today I wanted to talk to you about small scratches and how to solve them, although not 100 per cent.

- Try to heat the scratched part, just a lighter, so that the polyethylene 'loosens up' a little. Pass a piece of plastic over the freshly heated surface and cover the scratch.

- For deeper scratches, you could use a polyethylene glow plug, the kind used to repair the base of skis. Clean the scratch area, heat the glow plug, it should melt, and drip it directly onto the crack until it is covered. Wait for it to dry, and then with a very fine sandpaper go over the 'wound' smoothing it out.

It won't be a work of art, but it will do!

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Chaise Longue Andromeda Longue Chair Made Of 100% Recyclable High Quality Polyethylene. Dimensions 168x60x67 Cm. Uv Resistant And High Tensile Strength. Excellent For Bars, Night Clubs, Discos, Pubs, Beauty Salons, Spas.

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Outdoor furniture and garden furniture   Outdoor furniture and garden furniture