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To complete and make more usable all the outdoor environments you just have to browse the catalog to find the article that suits you. Real furnishing accessories ranging from fountains, in various types, up to the chiase longue. Design, elegance and taste with cutting-edge technology by SINED. Like the garden loungers, a real touch of class ideal for enhancing your garden or poolside

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Quality garden fountain

Unquestionable quality, Italian design, total control of the construction chain, and the heavy final testing to which our drinking fountains are subjected lead to absolute quality, guaranteeing long life. These fountains are part of the SINED collection, a brand with decades of experience in the field.

There is nothing better than seeing a beautiful green lawn, whether private or condominium, which everyone can access safely and without any problems, whether big kids or pets. Also excellent for marine environments.

A water point in the garden created with a modern, designer fountain can also furnish your outdoor space in a tasteful and useful way.

Simple in use, but technologically advanced, they were made directly on the advice and requirements of our customers. The effort put in, starting from design to final realisation, is paying off. Great response from our customers with excellent reviews.

The exclusive design makes them unique on the web, you will not find others like them, this will make your garden an exclusive space.

Suitable for watering any environment, you can find them in different colours and equipped with exclusive accessories.

Why buy it? Easy, take a look at some of the main features below:
- Various heights .
- different combinations of accessories.
- easy and immediate installation.
- possibility of easy future relocation.
- maintenance-free.
- no special assembly skills required.
- easily sanitised.
- suitable for all outdoor activities, even for marine environments.
- simple to set up, adapts easily to a variety of environments.
- some models have double water connection, side and bottom with 3-way valve.
- some models are equipped with a lexible hose with gun for easy watering.
- made of HDPE (high-strength polyethylene) resistant to UV rays, limescale and salt.
- all elements are of the highest quality and cannot be found in other models on the web.

Cleaning tip? Use commercially available cleaning agents. Do not use detergents containing solvents, abrasive cleaners or hard sponges, brushes, etc.

Once you`ve used it, you won`t be able to do without it!

Unfortunately the quality cannot be visualised with a photo.....the design can! See what we have been able to offer you!

Fontanella per giardino di qualita

Fontanella per giardino di qualita

Fontanella per giardino di qualita

Fontanella per giardino di qualita



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Outdoor furniture and garden furniture   Outdoor furniture and garden furniture
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Outdoor furniture and garden furniture   Outdoor furniture and garden furniture