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Decidedly beautiful and innovative, equipped with all the accessories for their assembly, suitable for all outdoor or indoor activities. Design showers that you can place in any outdoor or indoor environment, real pieces of furniture. Discover the best stainless steel showers online with instant discount when ordering.

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Liquid Powder Coating

How to paint with liquid powder, method, guide and information about the latest great method to paint

Today I want to tell you about the newest method of painting, namely liquid powder coating. This coating is used for many models of our black stainless steel showers.
I will make an introduction in order to clarify how this type of painting was conceived. I will try to clarify the concepts of powder coating and liquid coating.

The electrostatic application of dry powder to the surface of a metal is called powder coating. It is well known that most of the appliances we use today use this type of painting, or powder coating.

Liquid painting, or liquid coating, as the word suggests, uses liquids such as paint. In order to achieve optimum liquid coating, water-based solvents and components are used, and liquid coating is currently mainly used for materials such as wood or plastic.

Clearly, each type of coating has its pros and cons, whether liquid or powder coating. Powder coatings do not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs), unlike liquid coatings, which contain a high percentage of them.

Liquid powder coating takes the best qualities of liquid coating and paint and combines them in an improved liquid powder coating, offering the best of both worlds.

Why liquid powder coating?

- Surfaces painted in this way have a much better final appearance, both visually and as a level of protection and durability of the treated surface. Another aspect is that neither the design nor the shape of the product is a limitation, which was not possible with a powder coating.

- The ease of application, which practically takes place in three successive steps.
a) The liquid powder coating solution is sprayed or airbrushed onto a surface using manually spraying devices.
b) The sprayed surfaces are given some time to dry and cool down to ambient, processing temperature.
c) Finally, the treated surface is fixed by heating in an oven, and once this is done, it is ready for use.
The main advantage of liquid powder coating is the reduced curing time, improving the quality of work.

- Reduction in waste and air pollution. Containing much less VOCs, air pollution is reduced and the liquid powder can be reused in the future.

Liquid powder coating is versatile in terms of application and results in a more aesthetic surface finish.

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Indoor and Outdoor Showers   Indoor and Outdoor Showers