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Decidedly beautiful and innovative, equipped with all the accessories for their assembly, suitable for all outdoor or indoor activities. Design showers that you can place in any outdoor or indoor environment, real pieces of furniture. Discover the best stainless steel showers online with instant discount when ordering.

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New solar heated aluminum shower 40 liters Ella

Solar Shower ELLA
with curved aluminum structure

40 litres of free hot water all day long! With the new solar heated aluminium shower of the ELLA series directly from SINED.
Exclusive accessories are included: the shower is supplied with a protective bag made of 190 cloth for storing the product and the indispensable limescale remover. Usually these accessories are always extra!
You will not find another shower on the market that gives you so much!

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• Ideal for gardens swimming pools.
• Water tank 40 liters
• Height 223 cm
• Base dimensions 27,5x14,5 cm
• Foot Washing Tap
• Special Bicolor Painting
• Square chromed stainless steel shower head 20x20 cm.
• Shower head with antiscale nozzles
• Brass chromed accessories
• Antiscale filter
• High quality mixer cartridge
• Recommended water pressure 3,5 bar
• Internal hoses Braid 15 Kg pressure
• Protective bag, 190 cloth, to store the product
• Fixing plugs included
• Fixing with special protective Nylon bushings
• Inlet tap

Nuova doccia alluminio a riscaldamento solare 40 litri Ella
Elegant gray solar shower with central band in wood color SINED ELLA-GRIGIA-WOOD
Grey aluminium solar shower
DOCCIA-ELLA-GRIGIA-WOOD Grey aluminium solar shower

Elegant solar shower in Aluminium Ella grey colour with central strip wood colour Garden and outdoor swimming pool shower with mixer Square shower head and foot wash tap Aluminium structure 40 Litres tank Height 224 cm.
Product dimensions cm: 27,2x14,7x224 Package dimensions cm: 17x29x230 Weight Kg: 17,5 Gross weight Kg: 20
Grey Wood Band

1190 Vat included

New solar shower black aluminum 40 liters of hot water SINED ELLA-NERA-INOX
Black aluminium solar shower
DOCCIA-ELLA-NERA-INOX Black aluminium solar shower

Shower solar heating Black Aluminum model Ella with central Inox band. Ecological shower for outdoor use with a large tank of 40 liters, 224 cm high, equipped with mixer, large square shower head and useful foot wash tap.
Product dimensions cm: 27,2x14,7x224 Package dimensions cm: 17x29x230 Weight Kg: 17,5 Gross weight Kg: 20
Black Stainless Band


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Indoor and Outdoor Showers   Indoor and Outdoor Showers
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Indoor and Outdoor Showers   Indoor and Outdoor Showers